Truly handcrafted from the Vine

The Vineyard at Canoe Hill

Set among towering pines, maples, and oaks, acres of vines have been planted to produce pinot noirs, cabernet francs, chardonnays, rieslings and other grape varietals.

Every vine is lovingly and tenderly cared for because it is our belief that great fruit makes great wine. All of the wines produced by Elysabeth Vineyards are expertly crafted to excite even the most discerning palette. The end results are wines that are unrivaled for the region and can be enjoyed by wine enthusiasts across the globe.

Greg Esch


“To a large degree, the wines make themselves. We merely preside over them, monitoring what’s happening, and intervening only when necessary. We work with them intensely while they are young, still grapes in the vineyard. We test them repeatedly as harvest approaches, and we harvest them at what we think is the best moment based on phenological maturity and weather. By then, our work is largely done.”

Greg Esch

The Grounds

The climate in the Hudson Valley can be unpredictable. In a great season the grapes can bathe in intense sunshine allowing for a long growing season, other years the season can be shortened by cool spring weather or untimely frost. Due to these unpredictable conditions, we allow nature to determine the essential makeup of each vintage which in turn determines the number of cases produced.

“A Good Wine Is Made In The Vineyard.”

The flavor and texture of our wines will vary, as well as the types of blends that may be produced year to year. Our goal is to produce wines that will compare favorably to those coming from the great wine regions of the world.