Our goal is to produce world-class wines that will compare favorably to wines coming from premier wine regions across the globe.

We allow nature to determine the essential attributes of each vintage.

Pinot Noir

With aromas based on a cool, dry growing and harvesting season, this wine has layers of raspberry, cherry, currant and spice. This remarkably rich and complex Pinot Noir pairs very well with a variety of foods.

Cabernet Franc

Displaying hints of blueberry and coffee, our Cabernet Franc exhibits a depth and primitive robustness that is signature of the variety. This wine pairs well with steak, lamb and game.


Flavorings are deep, yet soft on the palette, with a hint of sweetness and a smooth finish. This wine can be enjoyed now, but continues to improve with age. The Meritage pairs well with steak, lamb, game, and stronger cheeses.


With an aroma dominated by melon and citrus, the Chardonnay has a delicious medium body flavor with just a hint of oak. This supple, yet structured wine has a crisp finish and pairs well with fish, chicken and white meats.

Alsatian Blend

Ripe honeysuckle and spice greet the nose following a combination of honey and a certain minerality on the palate. The residual sugar adds just enough sweetness to offset the bracing palate-refreshing acidity of the wine. This summer wine pairs well with fish, Asian dishes, cheese and fruit.